DigiSite will allow you to collect data and research in a whole new way

DigiSite (Digital Site Surveying) provides superior "boots on the ground" for professionals in delinquent real estate investments. Current, on-site inspections completed by real estate professionals and auction attendance through anti-trust certified bidders anchor Digisites’s resources at your service. To learn more about how we can enhance your team, contact us today

Nationwide Contracted Service


If you need to verify the condition of a property, our nationwide network of local real estate professionals will execute your request quickly and efficiently. Whether it's on a compressed timeline for an upcoming sale, or a list of properties you already purchased, we provide superior service and deliver the product in a standardized electronic format that can easily be imported into your existing software.

Local real estate professionals are contracted to take pictures at the time of your order. Photos are NOT retrieved from Google, Zillow or any other potentially outdated service. For property verification, we require a photo of the street sign, as well as the address number for improved properties. Photos are also geo-coded and compared to the location of the property on record within Vision’s database. All discrepancies are highlighted and cleared before delivery to you.

Data Append

Using our relationships with state/county contacts and third party data providers, we collect and append detailed site and demographic data for each site request.

Access Data Anywhere

Our customer portal allows you to access your data from anywhere and on any device. Want to take the data offline, our data export allows you to export both data and images to your local system.

Faster turn around

Thanks to this innovation and our nationwide relationships with third party data providers, county contacts and photographer network we can compete your request faster and for less. Give it a try and find out for yourself why we are the best.





The DigiSite Site Survey platform was built with the investor in mind.  For those companies or individuals that need to collect and maintain an inventory of their Real Estate or Tax Lien investments the DigiSite Site Survey platform can also be leased and managed in-house.  The platform supports customizable survey questions to fit every customer needs as well as driver management and standardized or custom exports of data and pictures.

Please contact your DigiSite sales representative for more information @ (772) 469-1584.   

Platform Management

The admin portal allows you full control of every aspect of the platform. Manage users, photographers, clients, site and site assignments.  Configure the look and feel of the platform by branding the platform. Real time tracking provides you with immediate insight into performance. Graphical interface provides you with simple tools to manage everything.

Driver Mobile App

The mobile app is compatible with any device and provides your photographers with integrated routing to all available sites using their preferred navigation app. Integrated Google maps provides the photographer with graphical indicators showing completed and incomplete sites. A simple one page site survey input screen insures the time spent at each site is minimized. Site survey questions are customizable so that you provide your clients exactly what they need. Offline mode allows your photographers the ability to capture site data even when cellular coverage is not available.

Customer Portal

You are provided with a branded customer portal that allows your clients or staff to use to access and review site data. Standardized data and image export gives your clients the ability to easily extract and use the data any way they want. In addition to the photos taken by the photographer, an overhead site map with site boundaries are automatically provided. All images and data are linked by parcel ID/APN making data integration with any system easy. Integrated links to Google, Bing and Zillow provides an additional dimension of research for you clients.


Admin Portal Icon

Admin Portal

The admin portal provides a centralized location to configure and manage your customer and photographers. A Graphical user interface makes photographer assignment a snap.

Mobile App Icon

Mobile App

The mobile app gives your photographers a simple to use tool for identifying, navigating to and surveying requested sites. This app is compatible with all devices.

Client Portal Icon

Customer Portal

The customer portal provides your clients with an online tool where they can view all their requested site surveys. It also provides the ability to download data and photos for offline use.

Client Portal Icon

Customer Portal

Customers also have the added benefit of viewing all public records related to a site. Integration with Google, Bing and Zillow offer additional dimensions of research an information.

How do I get started?

Give us your email and we will contact and find a solution that best suits your needs.

How It Works

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Request Site Inspections. Anywhere, anytime.

If utilizing DigiSite as a service, simply upload the sites that you are interested in. Digisite will append all current public data and using our nationwide network of photographers obtain current pictures of each site. If using DigiSite as a platform, you or your customers can upload sites into the system, we will still append current public data and you assign and manage your photographers using our powerful tools.

Get on-site data quickly.

Our mobile app allows photographers to get directions to each destination. The mobile app ensures that each photographer takes the correct photo for each site and correctly completes the sites survey as defined by the administrator. Real time tracking of the photographer and photos taken ensures survey data quality and efficiency. Ultimately lowering the time and cost for obtaining the required data.

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Simplified due-diligence.

Our client portal gives you or your customers a centralized location where you can review the data collected. Integrations with Google, Bing and Zillow allow you to review all dimensions of your data. Want to take if offline? No problem, export all the data and images to your computer for offline research. It’s your data, use it as you please.

Need even more research tools. Contact Lumentum to leverage their research platform for both primary and secondary tax lien markets.

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    "Hands down the best site surveying service available."

    DigiSite Client

Our Partnership


Digisite is the culmination of the minds behind Lumentum, Tax Sale Resources (TSR) and Platinum Investment Properties (PIP). Industry leading data management combined with the largest buyer’s agent network provides a powerful service available at your fingertips. Digisite allows you to streamline your investment operations and take advantage of seasoned professionals without the fixed expense of additional staff.

An on-site inspection system that standardizes data delivery and simplifies integration into 3rd party software saves you money and precious time associated with compressed timelines leading up to sales.

Learn more about the companies that joining forces to offer you this platform:

About Lumentum

Lumentum is a leading source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for tax lien investors and distressed real estate investors. Our services include:

Florida Data

Since its inception, Lumentum has become a leader in the field of acquisitions, servicing and loss mitigation within the real estate lien industry in Florida. It has revolutionized the way investors and investment organizations work with tax liens by providing them with the tools necessary to manage all aspects of tax lien investing from research/acquisition to redemption. Lumentum launched the first and only “Software as a Service” (SaaS) online application created to simplify the process of researching, obtaining, and managing tax liens as well as simplifying cash management and communication with investors.

Secondary Market

Lumentum is also the world’s first full-service broker for tax liens, tax deeds, and real estate-owned properties. The company created a custom online Market Place where customers can list their pools of liens or properties to provide a platform where today’s innovative managers come for liquidity and market access. This virtual Market Place is supported by an in-house, full-service brokerage desk and office staff.

Click here to learn more

About Vision

Vision Tax Lien Services (Vision) provides superior “boots on the ground” for professionals in delinquent real estate investments. Current, on-site inspections completed by real estate professionals and auction attendance through anti-trust certified bidders anchor Vision’s resources at your service.

Click here to learn more

About Tax Sale Resources (TSR)

Tax Sale Resources is revolutionizing the tax sale industry by making accurate tax sale information and premier resources easily accessible to investors and other tax sale industry professionals. Tax Sale Resources has been the industry’s leading company in tax sale data for over two years. Creating a comprehensive, high value resource for tax sale investors was imperative. By combining three major aspects of information needed for confident tax sale investing, TSR provides all data and resources in one site:

  • Jurisdiction Information: Contact information (phone, fax, email, address, etc.) for each jurisdiction that controls the tax sale.
  • Upcoming Sale Specifics: Upcoming tax sale information including sale date & start time, location, website (for online auctions), sale type (lien, deed or redeemable deed), and bidding method, as well as other details pertinent to the auction.
  • Property Data: Tax sale data in various easily navigated formats. This includes a complete sale calendar that can be exported into MS Excel.

Click here to learn more.

About Platinum Investment Properties (PIP)

With over 20 years of collective experience, the principals of Platinum Investment Properties have effectively provided its clients with remarkable profits in Tax Liens, Tax Deeds, REOs and other forms of default real estate opportunity, including Foreclosures and Short Sales. Our goal is to provide you with valuable consultation from the procurement of your acquisitions, to their final liquidation. Nationally recognized, PIP-West is the only agency of its kind, offering its clients extraordinary return on their investments, while allowing them to retain 100% control and ownership of their investments. Investments in Tax Liens, REOs and all other vehicles offered by PIP-West are “self-directed” by our clients, based on the expertise and consultation provided by our firm. Our success is based on our abilities to provide you with the best margins of profit possible, by utilizing our extensive resources and knowledge within the field.

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